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I’m Joanne and I live with my family on the North West coast of Lancashire, England.

Here you’ll find our adventures in gardening organically using no-dig and permaculture principles, beekeeping, and trying to make the best use of the produce we grow using preserving, crafting and cooking
delicious food in our home garden and on our allotment.

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  • To sow or not to sow, that is the question…

    To sow or not to sow, that is the question…

    I’ve noticed a bit of a trend the last couple of weeks on the various Facebook forums where people are proudly showing what they’ve got growing and how mature it is, to have it all…

  • Acknowledging your limitations

    Acknowledging your limitations

    Yesterday I left the house, went for lunch with my daughter and husband and went for a pootle around the local Antiques centre where I bought 4 nice baskets, I am a sucker for a…

  • The Garden 2023 – January

    The Garden 2023 – January

    What should you be doing in the garden in January?

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